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Countdown to Quarantined!

Convict Footprints Productions Inc

Producing living history 'Theatre in the Wild' on Australian historic sites since 2012,
the multi-award-winning Convict Footprints is a registered not-for-profit organisation employing a professional cast and crew to bring stories of colonial australian history to life
through both public and educational performances.
Written by Mr Steven Hopley and directed by Mr Jerry Retford, the Convict Footprints portfolio of living history theatre provides both entertainment and education whilst experiencing some of Australia's
most historic colonial sites. 
Scroll down for more info on all our productions and jump on our Facebook or Insta pages for regular updates, we love engaging with our audiences!
We also cordially invite you to become a patron of our not-for-profit production company, for less than the cost of a coffee a month, to enable our continuing engagement, interpretation & presentation of this country's history

Convict Footprints Quarantined!

Our latest production premiered September 2017 at the amazing Q Station, Manly to much joyful reception. Come and join us on an incredible journey through Australia's first Quarantine Station and a journey through the very fabric of time itself as you traverse the site down to the beach where it all began in 1828.

Convict Footprints
@ The Farm

Our 2018 program started with a BAAAA!
And with more bawdy sauce than you can poke a sheep at.

Be welcomed as guests of Governor Bourke himself and be entertained by a troupe of convict players as they tell the incredible story of Elizabeth MacArthur and the MacArthur Farm. Awarded a National Trust Heritage event award in 2016. 'The Farm' is rowdy, rollicking journey through the history of the farm which will leave you touched, entertained and educated.

Convict Footprints on Cockatoo Island

A trip by sea to the prison within a prison on this visceral and riotous adventure on Cockatoo Island where you'll be up-close and personal with some of the most hardened criminals in the Colony - and that's just the prison staff!

Convict Footprints Rebellion!

Situated at Castle Hill Heritage Park, Rebellion! tells the story of the first government asylum in the colony; the development of the government farm and the ensuing Battle of Vinegar Hill, the only time martial law has been declared in the Colony.

In our unique immersive style we lead you through the pages of history and finish in time for tea!

Convict Footprints through the years

A second outing to the McArthur Farm and an outing across the history of the site to present day.
Meet many of the inhabitants of Bella Vista Farm and learn the incredible history of the site, passed down through families and generations,
in our true immersive Theatre-in-the-Wild style.

Convict Footprints on the Old Great North Road

Theatre-In-The-Wild at its wildest!
The multi-award-winning show that started them all. Launched in 2013 to celebrate the registration of the Australian Convict Sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list, The Road has since been recognised with both tourism and National Trust awards and nominations and continues to entertain, educate and enthrall all who walk it.